How to Get Rid of Upper Back Fat

How to Get Rid of Upper Back Fat


February 23, 2022

When people have an unhealthy eating lifestyle or don’t exercise, they can increase their body fat. One place where fats are easily stored is in the back.

While most people focus on the abdominals and stomach when dealing with body fats, they often overlook the back. Yet, how to get rid of upper body fat is a concern for most people.

Back fat produces a layer that hangs on the back muscles, causing a conspicuous fold in three areas: upper back, mid-back, and lower back. Our focus, however, would be on the upper back.

The main problem with back fat is that they often seem stubborn and difficult to lose. Unlike belly fat which can be addressed pointedly, it may be difficult to reduce back fat without reducing the entire body fat.

Indeed, even belly fat cannot be reduced without reducing the overall body fat. Normally, maintaining a healthy diet, a calorie deficit, and regular exercises can reduce body fats.

But it makes sense to explore the causes of fat accumulation at the back.

What Causes Upper Back Fat Accumulation?

What Causes Upper Back Fat Accumulation?

As said earlier, back fat accumulation cannot be isolated from other fats stored in the body. Generally, upper back fat accumulates with some of these factors.

Hormonal changes

As you grow older, especially once you’re hitting 35, you may experience a reduction in the production of growth hormones. This means your body may no longer produce as many muscles as you may need.

As a result, many of the muscles in the body may be converted to fat. A commonplace where this occurs is at the upper back. This easily leads to an accumulation of upper fat in the back.

Lack of exercise

It is very easy to accumulate fat in the upper back if you’re generally not used to exercising your body frequently. Most people have jobs that keep them indoors and on their seats for many hours each day.

Without the opportunity to exercise the limbs, fats can easily accumulate in the body, and the upper back is a favorite place for them to converge.


This is an obvious factor. If you’re too busy to fix a healthy meal, you may find yourself relying on snacks and junk food to keep going. The major problem with these kinds of meals is that they contain high fats, refined sugar, and sodium.

These add lots of extra calories than the body needs. Combined with a sedentary lifestyle that keeps these calories in the body, they accumulate as fats in the upper back.

Improper posture

If you have poor posture, you’ll likely accumulate upper back fat. Poor posture may even cause a redistribution of fat to such areas as the upper back and the stomach.

So, as seen from the factors, they are broadly categorized into three: natural, lifestyle, and diet. While the natural causes can’t be controlled (although it could be managed), lifestyle and diet can.

As a result, we’ll look at how we can diet and exercise to lose upper back fat.

Diet for Upper Back Fat Loss

Diet for Upper Back Fat Loss

Of all the ways available to reduce belly fat, diet is the most important. Everyone should target healthy eating, regardless of the upper back fat status. This is because a healthy diet is the foundation of a healthy life.

But if you wish to lose body fat, especially those that cause those unwanted folds at your upper back, you may need to take calorie deficit very seriously.

Calories are the major fuel for body fat. The source of calories is the food we eat. One way we can create a calorie deficit is to take less than your body requires in calories to retain your present weight.

Another way, of course, is to engage in activities that drain calories. The only challenge with this option is that no matter how many calories you lose in exercise if you’re not going to control your diet, you’ll simply get it back every time something enters your mouth!

Controlling your diet is down to the quantity and the type of food you eat.

Here’s a general overview of what you should be eating. For a healthier body, a better heart, a fitter frame, and of course, getting rid of upper back fat.

As a rule, to make it easier, go for food low in calories. The winners in this category are fruits and veggies. Legumes and proteins like beans are also healthy choices.

Other sources of protein include poultry and white meat. Don’t forget to add whole grains and whole wheat bread into your diet as well, if you must eat bread. For fats, go for healthy ones like olive oils and avocados.

Eating foods like these would reduce your calorie intake and help you shed off fat in your body. Remember, you can’t isolate the upper back fat for removal. By changing your diet into healthy meals, you can easily eat your way into losing unwanted fat.

Then, note the foods to avoid:

  • Saturated fats: Most of the food we buy contains saturated fat, especially meat and processed food. Saturated fats can easily increase body fat and lead to the accumulation of upper back fat.
  • Added sugars: Added sugars, especially in sweets foods drinks (including alcohol), are great culprits in this regard. These sugars add lots of calories to the body, which lead to the accumulation of fat
  • Salt (reduced): Lowering your salt intake can go a long way in reducing your body mass index and reducing the chances of accumulating fat in the body.

Best Exercises for Upper Back Fat Loss

Best Exercises for Upper Back Fat Loss

If your goal is to get rid of upper back fat, here are some exercises that can help

Side Jackknife

This exercise addresses the lower back and helps build the muscles, thereby removing excess fat in the body.

The side jackknife is performed by lying on the sides with your legs placed on each other. With one arm on the floor, support your head with your palm and lift the leg on top towards your other arm.

To do this, you’ll need to squeeze your abdomen, contract the muscles, and keep the knee slightly bent.


This exercise works on the back and helps remove fat there.

The procedure involves assuming a push-up position with two dumbbells on the floor. Keep your body straight as you place your hands on the dumbbells, lift yourself until the hands are straight, and maintain that position for about half a minute.

You can also lift one arm at a time for a few seconds before the expiration of the exercise.

Weight training

Weight training can be added to your regular physio schedule. By lifting weights, your shoulders and back are developed.

Your upper back fat doesn’t stand a chance if your regular weight training is regular. You don’t need to start big.


Push-ups support the spine and help provide strength for the back. Regular push-ups also help get rid of upper back fat.

The procedure is straightforward. Lie down face down with the palms on the floor. With your toes and palms supporting your weight, gradually lift your body off the floor, exhaling until your hands are straight.

Lower yourself downwards gradually, inhaling as you do. The procedure should be repeated as many times as possible.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle Changes

Some of the changes you can make in your daily routine if you want to get rid of upper back fat include getting enough sleep, maintaining a good posture, and preparing your meals.

Meals are one of the easiest ways we increase our calories. If you decide to get a healthy diet, you will improve your chances of getting rid of upper back fat.

In your meal preparation, remember to cut back on sodium in preparing your meals.

Can Supplements Help?

Can Supplements Help?

Supplements are always a controversial topic. Yes, they can help, especially as they can burn fats. However, they may have several side effects and may even, in extreme cases, be dangerous to the health.

But certainly, fat-burning supplements can reduce upper back fat. However, the effectiveness of supplements is also a factor of your exercise routine.

A very common example is caffeine, popularly used to boost metabolism and reduce body fat.


If you are wondering how to get rid of upper body fat, you need a combination of diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. Adopting a healthy lifestyle can help reduce back fat.

While supplements may not be a popular method, they also can help in burning body fat, although they may have side effects.



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