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Enlighten Your Body

  • "I teach Pilates and Yoga and now have a better understanding of somatic awareness and different techniques that I have already begun to apply to my classes." -K. Kobelak, Fremont, IN

  • "I now have a better understanding of yoga." -L. Dowell, Stephens City, VA

  • "This course offers further knowledge on cuing, anatomy, and mind and body connectedness." -L. Pantazis, Astoria, NY

  • "I will be able to use the terms and imagery I have learned here to help my students be more aware of what and how they are doing while working with me." -D. Davern, Naperville, IL

  • "I love this author! She always seems to provide exactly what I need to progress as a teacher." -A. Colby, Grand Junction, CO

  • "Enlighten the Body offers excellent cues for students to ensure improved form and safety for yoga classes. The segment regarding how students learn provides valuable insight." -D. Hurley, Santa Monica, CA

  • "This course gave me many new insights into my life. The information has enlightened my attitude about the way I will look at life, my body, my spirituality and everything about myself. I will be able to concentrate and work on physical problems that have been manifested in many of the ways mentioned in the course. I feel confident that with practice and open-mindedness, I will be able to enhance my own life as well as be able to use the learned and applied knowledge to my work with all my clients and it will help me to be much better at what I do and how I teach. I am very pleased with the course and the information I will continue to learn and apply." -W. Montoya, Santa Fe, NM

  • "I work with a lot of people with chronic back and hip pain. This course provided good ways to help teach individuals how to "turn off" and tune into their own bodies through the practical exercises presented. The course strengthened my professional and personal understanding that an indivdual can change faulty patterns of use and become pain-free." -G. Whittemore, Fredericksburg, VA

  • "I learned to cue by bony landmarks and to reinforce the proper form by turning students away from the mirror so that they can "feel" the movements and poses. I gained more technical knowledge about the body, but the most valuable information I learned from this course was the psychology of learning. I think the course was exceptional and I know I will use this as a resource over and over again." -A. Kinsey, Orange Park, FL

  • "I loved the theoretical explanations regarding the benefits of mind-body techniques. The DVD is excellent! This course is very comprehensive and has broadened my consciousness regarding yoga and Pilates. I have come to understand the value of ‘letting go’ and focusing on my base of support. Many thanks!" -C. Joseph, Melrose Park, PA

  • "'Enlighten Your Body' was so well written. There were no wasted words nor pontification! This course is something you can hang your hat on." -M. Maggipinto, Nashville, TN

  • "I learned much more about how yoga applies to somatic awareness, anatomical misalignments and the three stages students go through to learn. The course was challenging even though I have taught for over seven years. " -S. Mitchell, Gibsonia, PA

  • "Linda-Christy Weiler, M.S. has done a beautiful job of combining the concepts of yoga, The Feldenkrais Method and Pilates mat work. I am sure I will use some of the information from the DVD in a type-specific class. I found Linda-Christy's insights into personal experiences to be what I will cherish most and use very often. -J. Cremer, Salem, OR

  • "I love these courses! I'm motivated to incorporate yoga into my day. I've been wanting to and have procrastinated, but am more motivated now." -L. Duranza, Aurora, CO

  • "This course provides re-affirmation that there are courses like this available in the mainstream health and fitness scene. It is imperative to the health of our athletic and sedentary populations!" -B. Grieve-McSweeney, Corvallis, MT

  • "This course was extremely well presented. I gained extended knowledge and new techniques to enhance core training and functional fitness. It was a pleasure to study. It will be used immediately with my clients and for my personal use." -K. Wolf, Cleveland, OH

  • "I really liked the attention to detail, the great explanations, and that the course was very thorough yet not too complicated. I have been teaching yoga, Pilates, and body- sculpting classes for quite a while and your philosophy on how to teach our students is very refreshing. Thank you!" -B. Kaiser, Surfside Beach, CA