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BOSU® Complete Specialty Certificate
Everything you need for an integrated training program!
By Candice Copeland Brooks , Douglas Brooks, MS

This complete workout system uses the latest theories of functional balance, core stabilization and integrated movement tasks to enhance performance across a wide continuum of activities. You’ll use the Balance Challenge Variables methodology with unlimited exercise variations to easily make every workout or class productive, enjoyable and appropriate for all fitness levels. The nine full-color, laminated workout charts organize all of the BOSU® exercises and drills into different workouts with variations for each exercise and warm-up and cool-down routines for each workout.

Course Objectives:
  • Explain the benefits of functional training, balance and stabilization training.
  • Discuss the concept of core stabilization, and its function in daily activities, fitness and sports performance.
  • Demonstrate how to progress or regress an exercise or drill with four Balance Challenge Variables.
  • Explain when and how to use the Balance Trainer in a dome up or dome down position.
  • Demonstrate modifications and variations for a single exercise by using weighted fitness balls, weighted bars or dumbbells.
  • Demonstrate the simple progression of a base exercise from easy to more challenging.
  • Use instructional techniques and cueing for both group fitness and/or personal training.
  • Teach and demonstrate a 30-minute BOSU Complete Core workout with Balance Challenge modifications and variations.
  • Teach and demonstrate 30-minute BOSU Complete Upper, Lower and Total Body workouts, showing how to use a theme to create variety.
  • Teach and demonstrate a 30-minute BOSU Complete Circuit workout with equipment modifications and variations.
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    Course Includes: 
  • Exam
  • Study guide
  • 192-page textbook BOSU® Balance Trainer Complete Workout System
  • 5 BOSU® Complete DVDs (Lower Body, Upper Body, Core, Total Body, Circuit)
  • 9 BOSU® Complete laminated workout charts

  • *A BOSU® Balance Trainer is necessary to complete this course successfully.
    Topic: Specialty Training
    Level: Intermediate/Advanced
    Weight: 5.0 lbs
    Complete Printed Course  #4511     $259.00

    ACE 2.00
    ACSM 20.00
    AEA 10.00
    AFPA 8.00
    BCRPA 20.00
    BOC 20.00
    CI 20.00
    ECA 20.00
    ISSA 20.00
    NAFC 2.00
    NASN 2.00
    NCSF 8.00
    NETA 20.00
    NFPT 1.00
    NSCA 2.00
    NSPA 20.00
    SFA 2.00
    USAT 10.00
    W.I.T.S. 20.00