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Kinetic Anatomy, 3rd ed.
A fascinating review of human anatomy and how the body moves!
By Robert Behnke, HSD

Understand human anatomy for the specific purpose of studying movement! A full-color, illustrated text by Robert Behnke guides you through the bones, joints, muscles, muscle attachments, nerves and blood vessels of the body. In-depth knowledge of the anatomical structures involved with physical movement will help you to identify and correct postural problems, prevent injury and individualize exercise programs for your clients.

Course Objectives:
  • Identify all the bones of the human body and their anatomical landmarks./li>
  • Identify the ligaments and tendons that attach the bones and form the major joints of the human body.
  • Identify the major muscles of the human body, their positions, and actions.
  • Describe the fundamental movements of the human body.
  • Identify the major blood vessels and nerves of the human body.
  • Communicate using the universal language of human anatomy.
  • Apply anatomy of the muscles to specific training exercise of the upper and lower body and the core.
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    Course Includes: 
  • Exam
  • study guide
  • 329-textbook Kinetic Anatomy by Robert S. Behnke, HSD
  • Topic: Personal Training
    Level: Intermediate
    Weight: 2.5 lbs
    Complete Printed Course  #4473     $239.00

    ACE 2.50
    ACSM 25.00
    AEA 12.00
    AFPA 8.00
    BCRPA 25.00
    BOC 25.00
    CI 25.00
    COPS-KT 2.50
    ECA 25.00
    ISSA 25.00
    NAFC 2.50
    NASM 1.90
    NASN 2.50
    NCSF 8.00
    NETA 25.00
    NFPT 1.00
    NSCA 2.00
    NSPA 25.00
    SFA 2.50
    USAT 10.00
    W.I.T.S. 12.00