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Effective Strength Training
Develop a scientific framework for evaluating the effectiveness of your strength-training programs.
By Douglas Brooks, MS

Stay up-to-date with innovative strength-training techniques! In the ever-evolving fitness arena, professionals everywhere are reassessing their current strength-training programs. This thought-provoking course, written by an internationally recognized trainer and author, is guaranteed to dispel any myths about strength training and provide you with a more scientific framework for evaluating the effectiveness of your current programs.

Course Objectives:
  • Proper strength training techniques for over 100 upper body, lower body and trunk exercises
  • Modifications for different populations and variations in equipment that can be used to execute each exercise
  • Theoretical and practical reasons behind different strength training approaches
  • How to objectively and scientifically evaluate controversial exercises to determine the risk versus effectiveness
  • Solutions for programming situations where the relative risk of an exercise is high in relation to program goals and known orthopedic concerns
  • Different resistance training systems, a continum of training programs and periodization principles
  • Resistance training philosophy, program design models and strength training guidelines
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    Course Includes: 
  • Exam
  • Study guide
  • 264-page textbook
  • Topic: Strength Training and Conditioning
    Level: Intermediate/Advanced
    Weight: 4.0 lbs
    Complete Printed Course  #4227     $159.00

    ACE 1.50
    ACSM 15.00
    AEA 7.50
    AFPA 8.00
    BCRPA 15.00
    BOC 15.00
    CI 15.00
    COPS-KT 1.50
    ECA 15.00
    ISSA 15.00
    NAFC 1.50
    NASN 1.50
    NCSF 4.00
    NETA 15.00
    NFPT 1.00
    NSCA 1.00
    NSPA 15.00
    USAT 10.00
    W.I.T.S. 7.50